Our Difference

Our goal is to provide our clients with products that make their work easier and more effective. That’s why we’re designing PerfTechPro to be as flexible and easy-to-use as possible.

For example, with PerfTechPro, you’re not limited to a proprietary–or even a single–database for the storage of performance data. PerfTechPro enables the use of any platform or any relational database:

MS Access  | SQL Server  |  MySQL  |  Oracle

PerfTechPro is also designed to support a wide breadth of performance data sources:

SMF  |  RMF  |  CICS  |  DB2  |  CPU Measurement Facility

We’re also providing conversion capabilities for data stored in other performance databases.

We believe this focus on usability and flexibility makes PerfTechPro an exceptional tool for Capacity and Performance Management needs:

CPU Sizing

As our industry evolves, we remain open to suggestions from our clients on how PerfTechPro can add value, become even easier to use, or help them be more effective in their work.

That’s the difference PerfTechPro is committed to making.