Introducing … PerfTechLite zAnalytics ®

The entry-level offering of its big-brother PerfTechPro, the PerfTechLite zAnalytics solution is an IT performance management tool designed specifically for cost-conscious IT management professionals who are looking for a low priced reporting product.

Introducing … PerfTechPro zAnalytics ®

Designed to be a z/OS performance and capacity planning tool for the new millennium.

Business Value

  • Ensure enterprise server resources are being used efficiently
  • Maximize opportunities for cost-savings
  • Anticipate and respond to increased demand on resources
  • Reduce costs by exploiting periods of lower resource demand
  • Discern underlying causes of performance and capacity issues
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual tracking, recording and analysis
  • Implement deliberate, disciplined approach to managing valuable business resources

Key Features

  • Automated analysis and management of all key capacity and performance metrics:
    • GPP Utilization of all LPARs
    • MIPS Usage by CPU
    • DASD Response Times
    • Address Spaces Dispatched and Waiting
  • Clean, intuitive, easy-to-use interface and graphical representations:
    • Consolidated instance lists guide users to make informed selections
    • Descriptive dialog boxes detail your configuration
    • Anticipates and pre-loads data to speed retrieval, reporting and analysis
  • Automated data management
  • Forecasting, Sizing and Simulation Modeling
  • Data stored in non-proprietary database, enabling use outside of PerfTechPro
  • Capable of automated collection, analysis and reporting of SMF 113 records produced by the powerful CPU Measurement Facility on IBM’s System z10 and newer mainframes
  • Supports measurement and management of zAAP and zIIP Specialty Engines

Simple licensing terms. We want it to be easy to do business with us.  That means we will charge a fraction of what our competitors charge, without making our clients jump through hoops to save.  What’s the point of saving time and money with performance and capacity planning tools, when the tools themselves cost too much time and money?